Cessie at 9 months

Cessie, (short for Princess; she is the daughter of a King) has a soft, long silky coat that is slowly changing to shaded gold, there are so many colours within it, that I have given up counting them. She is a cutie, full of fun little trickster, that likes to lead the pack. She likes to be noticed and will stir the Dachies up, if she thinks they are ignoring her, with a paw placed ever-so-gently, but so annoyingly on a back. Although she's not managed to take control yet, it won't stop her trying, her nature is similar to that of her mother's, she is a fast-lane, go-getter, why walk when you can run, good-time-girl, that packs as much into a day as is possible. Her idea of fun is to; box, dance and run rings around her sister all her waking hours. She reminds me of one of those early kids toys that you run along the ground to rev-up and watch go, you can do this with Cess; she tucks her bum under her and just goes! She learns fast and I hope should be quite easy to reach the basic level of obedience which her sister has already completed. She is verbal like her mother especially when she picks things up and hangs on to them always with all the determination of a terrier, until someone clever enough comes along and fools her into giving it up (usually her Mum). She has the same little trick of her Mum, gravel chewing, she'll often pick up one of Fira's discarded stones and throw it around in her mouth for awhile. However after her supper time she goes into sleep mode and when I bed them down & take the late night biscuits to them, she'll accept the extra bedding but will only take the biscuits if placed in front of the Princess so that she does not have to lift another paw until morning.