Above from L to R Millie, Holly and Jasmine
Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds came to live with us alongside the Borzoi in May 1995. Millie our foundation in Dachshunds lived for13 years & 6 months, she was adored by White Hunter and all the others since. Strong always, but fair in character, she had substancial input on the pups from litters raised here, her own, and those from the others. She insisted that she would go baby-sit the first litter of Silkens when they first went into the outside kennels, she 'lay in state' for 4 hours with those babies as close to her as she could encourage them to be, then she was happy, she came in for her tea and never offered to baby-sit them again, but they all respected her. She has overseen all of the works and improvements at our present home and was, as we affectionately called her, 'Inspector of Works' -  in charge!

Millie gave us four wonderful litters of the most adorable pups, parting with any of them, was not easy, and we had one girl kept from each litter, until we sadly lost our beautiful, precious Daisy. 

It gives us great pleasure to see owners return with their much loved charges on visits and we welcome these contacts. To see just a little of the parents characteristics, in these new individuals which has come through, is a wonderful fulfillment. Some of their photos appear under 'our dachies'

Millie became a grandmother, but always intending to have another litter we did not keep either of the two pups in the litter from Jasmine, but after the loss of Daisy, I made the decision I could not risk breeding from Jas again. I don't think I'll ever change my mind.
As the years go by the Dachshunds get less numerous here and after loosing Holly to cancer in Spring 2010 we have now only two of Millie's daughters left; Jasmin and her adopted older sister Zoe, who came here when my mother was no longer able to look after her.

Archie (Millie's son)

now where on earth


Leon - (Jasmin's son)