'Caspar' born 25th December 07, brother to 'Diva'

At about the time he found his feet Caspar discovered football, he seems to love this game and is now in charge of two different size balls which he likes equally. His other favourite passtimes are eating second only to 'canoodling' with me; of which he is an expert already. He is a sweet and quiet laid-back kinda boy, a bit of a contrast to his sister, who already lives life at top speed, but is equally cute in her own 'Diva-ish' way.

Caspar was never an expert at the milk bar; he spent far too much time kissing his Mum rather than suckling in contrast to his sister who was knicknamed 'The leech'. However he has found out in his, so far - short life, food  presented from a bowl is a much easier option, and has no problem; whatever is in that bowl is there to be consumed & by him if Diva is otherwise occupied. 

His favourite friend is Aunty Holly; who being just a little bit on the short side herself makes a perfect playmate for a 5 week upward Silken pup. They all enjoy playtimes in the garden when the weather suits, romping together, Caspar focuses his devotion to A.Holly, while Diva is occupied with more Diva-ish pursuits. Aunty Holly is a patient companion and a perfect teacher of puppy manners as she stands only so much nonsence from her small charges.

Caspar has now moved to his forever home in Norway, where he lives with his family including Bertil 'the cathound', photos below.

Norwegian Boy